Apr 212018

Organization: International Rescue Committee
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Closing date: 18 May 2018

Requisition ID: req1673

Job Title: Senior M&E Manager RRMP

Sector: Monitoring & Evaluation

Employment Category: Fixed Term

Employment Type: Full-Time

Location: DRC-Kalemie

Job Description


Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian organization whose mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster, to survive, recover and gain control of their future. The IRC provides relief, recovery and post-conflict reconstruction support to victims of natural disaster, oppression and violent conflict in 42 countries. The IRC is committed to bold leadership, innovation and creative partnerships. Active in public health, education, youth development, livelihoods, women’s empowerment and protection and in the promotion of rights, IRC assists people from harm to home.

IRC has been responding to humanitarian and developmental needs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 1996. Today, the IRC in DRC concentrates its efforts on providing essential and lifesaving assistance to conflict affected populations in the eastern provinces of the country, notably North and South Kivu, Tanganyika and Haut Katanga. Through carefully designed programs, the IRC aims to save lives, to strengthen Congolese institutions and to reinforce social cohesion. Guided by its core principles of capacity-building, participation, partnership, protection and promotion of human rights, as well as holistic programming, the IRC today operates in the following core programming areas: primary health care, including reproductive health, governance and conflict management, women’s empowerment and the prevention and mitigation of gender-based violence, child protection and education, and emergency preparedness and response.


The Rapid Response to Population Movements (RRMP) program is a program of emergency response funded by UNICEF that covers eastern provinces in DRC.

The two main objectives of RRMP program include:

  • Pre-positioning capacities in human, material and financial resources for response at any time;
  • Ensure multi-sectorial interventions based on needs analysis.

The RRMP conducts multi-sectorial assessments in areas recently affected by population movements (displacement or return) in order to inform humanitarian communities present as to the scale of these movements as well as main humanitarian needs. Based on these assessments and in the absence of another stakeholder with rapid response capacity, RRMP partners will intervene in the sectors of basic household items (AME/NFI), cash transfer, health, water, hygiene and sanitation (EHA/WASH) and education in favor of most affected communities. Being an old partner of RRMP, IRC, in consortium with AVSI NGO, is implementing the 8th phase of RRMP in the Tanganyika Province, covering all the above-mentioned sectors with a team of over 100 people.


The Senior M&E Manager RRMP (Rapid Response to Population Movements) is responsible for permanent monitoring of emergency interventions, capacity building of emergency team, capitalization of experiences and continuous learning and sharing of best practices. He (she) ensures that cross issues like gender and protection are taken into account in all interventions. He (she) is based in Kalemie, but will spend about 20% of his time on field sites for supervision purposes.

Within the RRMP program framework, the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system gets its importance and pertinence in its capacity to provide useful and strategic information that allows to:

  • Permanently provide elements capable to show the program efficiency;
  • Conduct rigorous monitoring of mobilization and use of resources (financial, material, human, time), but also the level of implementation of indicators;
  • Timely detect implementation issues in order to find them real time pertinent solutions, considering the dynamic nature of any planning;
  • Continue to capitalize on experiences and learning and encourage communication and exchange between partners and the humanitarian community;
  • Show to the beneficiaries as well as to the humanitarian community efforts deployed in order to improve the program.


Needs assessment

  • Positions himself as a leader in the design of tools and methodologies for multi-sectorial evaluations in order to identify population needs in emergency situations;
  • Positions himself as a leader in the design of tools and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of RRMP activities;
  • Ensure that teams understand and apply RRMP methodologies;
  • Conducts field missions (by RRMP or many agencies) to apply the above-mentioned methodologies and assess the humanitarian situation in specific areas;
  • Ensure precise, exhaustive and timely reporting of results of partner agencies evaluations;
  • Ensure full presentation of results of multi-sectorial evaluations and post-intervention monitoring reports to the humanitarian community;
  • Ensure the setting up and functioning of a reliable mechanism of accountability for all interventions;
  • Collaborate with UNICEF and teams of other RRMP partners in the east of DRC in order to continuously improve RRMP approach and methodology.


  • Play the role of a leader, in close collaboration with Senior RRMP Coordinator and managers of different components (AME, WASH, Health) in the design of tools and methodologies for follow-up and evaluation of humanitarian assistance activities set in place;
  • Play the role of a leader, in close collaboration with Senior RRMP Coordinator and managers of different components in the implementation of follow-up and evaluation missions of (NFI, Wash and Health) activities at the site level;
  • Ensure that Monitoring and Evaluation collected data is used to continuously update technical standards and improve implementation of activities;
  • Ensure that all contractual statistical data related to RRMP project are properly collected, analyzed and updated;
  • Ensure monitoring of internal and contractual indicators related to RRMP project;
  • Accountability: participate in the financial monitoring of RRMP activities.

Human resources

  • Supervise Managers/M&E officers, quality/protection teams and data base managers and advise/support MSA Managers using IRC performance management tools and assist them with advice and support on planning, implementation, follow-up/Evaluation, as well as the management of their teams;
  • Ensure that RRMP M&E staff work and behave in accordance with IRC code of conduct;
  • Ensure that RRMP M&E organization chart reflect program needs precisely and that all positions are filled with the most qualified staff possible, and supervise necessary recruitments.


  • Play the role of a leader, in close collaboration with Senior RRMP Coordinator and AVSI team as well as with quality/protection teams in the design and implementation of strategies in order to systematically involve cross issues such as gender or protection in IRC emergency interventions.

Capacity building

  • Based on results of RRMP systematic evaluations, design and apply training modules in order to reinforce technical capacity of the emergency team so that they can better reach quality standards, thereby being compliant with IRC programmatic framework and other reference documents;
  • Identify external training and learning opportunities for S&E RRMP IRC staff that responds to key needs in terms of capacity building;


  • Work in close collaboration with Grant Manager to ensure quality and timely reporting.

This position is directly supervised by the Senior RRMP Coordinator and program provincial managers for daily supervision. He (she) closely collaborates with Managers of different components (MSA, AME, WASH and Health), and the Grant Manager. He (she) directly supervises M&E team.

Professional Standards

IRC staff must adhere to the values and principles outlined in IRC Way – Global Standards for Professional Conduct. These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability. In accordance with these values, IRC operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti-Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation.


  • University degree, preferably a Master degree in areas related to International Relations or Development Studies;
  • At least 4 year experience in monitoring and evaluation, preferably in an emergency environment in an international humanitarian organization;
  • Good knowledge and experience in on-line data base (experience of Activity Info will be an asset);
  • At least 2 year experience abroad, preferably in an emergency environment in an international humanitarian organization;
  • Fluent in French and English necessary;
  • Excellent leadership, program management, organizational, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Must be able to work independently while being a good leader;
  • Able to live and work in a stressful and unstable environment;
  • Able to conduct many activities at the same time, to improvise, be flexible and culturally sensitive;
  • Previous RRMP experience in DRC will be an asset.

Security situation/Housing

The security situation in Kalemie remains relatively calm although unpredictable. The general environment in Tanganyika remains volatile and is characterized by latent conflict but persistent between different armed groups. Security measures are in place (guarded residences, restrictions of movements, communication systems, etc). IRC expatriates live in comfortable shared residences. This position is unaccompanied.

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