Apr 052018

Organization: Search for Common Ground
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Closing date: 13 Apr 2018

Search for Common Ground is looking for applicants to conduct the final evaluation of the 4th Phase of “Lobi Moko Ya Sika”, a dynamic programme implemented in four provinces in the DRC. The ideal candidate or team will have vast experience in carrying out evaluations of large scale programs with expertise in security sector reform.


Search for Common Ground

Founded in 1982, Search for Common Ground (Search) aims to transform the way in which the world manages conflicts, to move away from methods of confrontation and to explore solutions through collaboration. We use a method which adopts multiple facets, including the use of dialogue and media, and working with communities, the government and civil society to find appropriate ways to reinforce societies’’ capacities to manage conflicts constructively: to understand differences and act on commonalities.

Lobi Mokolo ya Sika

Since 2006, Search has been implementing an ambitious multimedia and participatory training programme in the field of security sector reform (SSR) aimed at promoting good governance, strengthening discipline, fighting against impunity, and most importantly changing the behaviour and attitude of soldiers and police in protecting the civilian population. It is within this framework that Search is implementing phase IV (2014 – 2018) of this programme. Search through the different phases of Lobi Mokolo Ya Sika (LMYS) has achieved many of these goals, including in terms of changing the knowledge and attitudes of members of the security forces and improving civil-military and police relations. Based on the results of its mid-term evaluation of December 2016 and the alignment of the program with the Eastern Stabilization Strategy of the DRC (ISSS), in the fourth phase Search focuses on three strategic objectives:

  1. Support for the institutionalization of the common ground approach in the security force awareness curriculum
  2. The expansion of the project’s impact in the peripheral areas that were not directly targeted by the project
  3. Sustainability of the impact of the project and its exit strategy.

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How to apply:

Applications must include:

  • A document including the Curriculum Vitae of the consultant (s);
  • A document with the following elements:

  • A short biography of the consultant (s);

  • A technical proposal proposing a methodology for evaluation in line with the methodology used for the baseline study;

  • A financial proposal for the fulfilment of the aforementioned deliverables;

To apply, please submit your application by April 13th 2018, or as soon as possible. Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

For any questions about this assessment, you can write to: with in copy.

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