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Organization: African Parks
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Closing date: 15 Apr 2018

Position: Operations Manager / Field Operations Manager

Organization: African Parks Congo

Location: Nagero, Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Reporting to: Greater Garamba General Manager

Expected start date: May/June, 2018

Type of contract: Fixed-term (2-3yrs)


African Parks Congo is the management entity of Garamba National Park, RC. The NGO is directly affiliated to African Parks Network who is a non-profit organization that takes total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities.

Supervises: All field operation activities through the:

  • Infrastructure maintenance and new building project s (road, bridges, houses, offices, and other buildings);

  • Procurement and logistics;

  • Stores (fuels, spare parts, building materials, etc….);

  • Fleet management (16 cars, 4 trucks, 4 large machines);

  • Aviation management (2 aircraft, 1 helicopter);

  • Telecommunication (VSAT, HF, GPS and others tracking & telecommunication devices, etc….

Key functions:

  • Draft, propose and implement the annual work plan, annual budgets and five-year Business Plan for operations activities described as above.

  • Management contracted staff as well as the daily organization of their work, holidays and evaluation of their performance.

  • Develop national workforce talent

  • Provide reports and record keeping as required by grants and hierarchy related to operation activities described as above

  • Oversee procurement, logistics, and importation for and to the complex including exoneration

  • Ensure compliance with quality and security standard for all constructions and works done

  • Promote and maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders concerned including;

  • Suppliers and services provider, national and local Government, local communities, donors and other conservation partners.

Capabilities, competencies and experience required for the position:

  • University degree or equivalent academic background in project management, civil works or rural engineering.

  • Strong African background with minimum 10 years of management experience in construction, fleet management and logistics.

  • Strong willingness to live in a remote setting and with previous experience of living in remote locations, ideally in Central Africa.

  • Ideally, competence in rear link communication services

  • Very good technical knowledge of fleet management and infrastructure development.

  • Demonstrable leadership and people management skills.

  • Demonstrable experience managing and working in partnership with other organizations.

  • Must be fluent in French and English (written and spoken).

  • Good Computer Literacy.

  • Good report writing skills.

  • Good team player and experience in management of multicultural teams under challenging conditions.

  • Ideally experience in conservation.

What success looks like in 3 years’ time:

  • Necessary infrastructure installed and maintained for excellent protection and management of the protected area.

  • Functioning cost effective, safe and efficient fleet management systems in place.

  • Cost effective and efficient logistic/procurement systems in place.

  • Sufficient and capable staff recruited, career building in place and a motivated workforce.

  • Garamba aviation wing is safely and cost efficiently managed.

Key relationships:

  • General Manager

  • Sustainable Manager

  • Law Enforcement Manager

  • Finance and Admin Manager

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

  • Special Projects Manager

  • Suppliers and services provider

  • Park Management Unit

  • Stakeholders and donors

How to apply:

How to apply:

Please send your application by email to the address:, with the reference RH/GNP/2018/FOM in the subject.

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