Jan 192018

Organization: SOFRECO
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Closing date: 31 Jan 2018

DFID DRC has signed in 2013 a partnership with USAID DRC in order to support the education sector and improve donor co-ordination and harmonisation through delegated co-operation. Under this agreement, DFID and USAID will provide funding of approximately $180m over the period 2015-2020 to support the education sector in DRC. They will share the lead role to implement the joint programme henceforth known as USAID/UKAID ACCELERE! (ACCE- for Accès = Access; LE-for Lecture = Reading; RE- for both Redevabilité and Rétention) and will work collaboratively in four areas:

  • Activity 1: Equitable Access to Education and Learning in the DRC (USAID lead)
  • Activity 2: Improved Governance and Accountability (DFID lead)
  • Activity 3: The Independent Evaluation (USAID lead)
  • Activity 4: Reducing the numbers of school children in DRC (DFID lead)

The expected outcome of ACCELERE! Activity 2 is better quality of public service for education, which we aim to achieve by supporting the Government of DRC’s efforts to improve governance and accountability in the education sector in six provinces, namely Haut Katanga, Lualaba, Kasai Oriental, Kasai Central, Equateur and Sud Ubangi.

ACCELERE! Activity 2 will deliver activities under three result areas:

  • RESULT AREA 1- Improved Leadership and Oversight at National and Provincial Level in Education
  • RESULT AREA 2- Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness of Education Management Systems
  • Cross Cutting Strands – including monitoring, evaluation and learning, communications and knowledge management, and equity and conflict sensitivity

This post will work within the technical assistance team under ACCELERE! Activity 2.

Reporting to the Team Leader, based in Kinshasa, and closely coordinating with the Technical Team, the Lead Adviser for Result Area 2 (Institutional Reform) will develop strategic thinking around Bureaux Gestionnaires (BG) reform to ensure sustainable changes that will impact school management and quality of teaching as well as access to school. To do so, (s)he will support the provincial teams to ensure workplan implementation and that the teams put in place long term Technical Assistance to key stakeholders. (S)he will closely monitor progress and adjust the BGs rationalisation roadmap as in line with guidelines given by the Team Leader to make sure that objectives are reached and reform is moving forward in the six ACCELERE! provinces.

S/he will manage long-term and short-term technical specialists and work closely with the other Lead Adviser for Result Area 1 (on PFM) and Result Area 3 (school funding), to deliver against their combined work plan and create synergies wherever it is possible. S/he will work closely as well with ACCELERE!1 Result 3 to ensure complementarity and enable stronger leverages at central and provincial levels. The Lead Adviser will be responsible for fostering and nurturing relations with key stakeholders relevant to their result area, including government, international organisations and donor-funded programmes, and other actors such as community and civil society organisations. They will support the Team Leader in managing relations between the overall ACCELERE! components and advise on areas of technical and stakeholder overlap.

The Lead Adviser will provide quality assurance to all technical inputs under their Result Area and will be responsible for monitoring the progress of their teams to ultimately deliver on the indicators of the logframe. (S)he will also contribute, under the Team Leader’s direction, to timely and high quality quarterly and annual programme reporting.

The Lead Adviser will have the following accountabilities:

  • Lead and oversee, the delivery of the Result Area 2 work plan, BG roadmap and associated technical activities. Review work plans regularly, including for all provinces. Oversee technical planning, regular monitoring and assurance of progress, and quality assurance of all deliverables under agreed strategies of her/his Result Area.
  • Develop close relationships with government officials from the Ministry of Education and concerned departments, with representatives of other relevant programmes, and with other concerned stakeholders at community, provincial, and central levels.
  • Coordinate closely and regularly with the Team Leader, other Lead Advisers and coordinators, and also with provincial team members under the technical result area, ensuring work plans are followed and deadlines are met, and that evidence of impact is regularly and well documented.
  • Lead in managing the programme’s overall strategic approach to the Result Area, ensuring a streamlined vision towards the programme outcome, and the active participation of MEPSP and other stakeholders.
  • Budgeting for activities and TA and managing both longer-term technical personnel and short-term experts assigned to deliver against the work plan for Result Area 2.
  • Be responsible for the quality of all documents (strategic, planning, reporting) produced within RA2.
  • With the support of the operations and finance teams, ensure effective and advanced planning for missions, events, and technical activities to ensure their smooth logistical deliver. Also support with ensuring value for money (VFM) principles lie at the heart of all expenditure related to the implementation of Result Area 2, and provide information to the finance team to enable regular accounting and reporting to the Senior Management Team.
  • Ensure that activities are implemented according to a well-defined set of programme protocols and tools which balance the need for timely achievement of objectives with the importance of quality processes and methodological rigor.
  • In coordination with the technical and provincial team leader, liaise with the technical provincial team members to deliver on provincial level activities.
  • Support the Team Leader in the broad agenda of coordinating across ACCELERE! components, continuously identifying technical opportunities for collaboration and sharing of expertise. Also ensure the same attention with regards communications to external stakeholders and partners, where ACCELERE! components overlap in their engagement.
  • Represent ACCELERE! as appropriate and support the overall delivery of the programme against a common vision and approach. Ensure the internal buy-in of key messages and communications protocols of ACCELERE! and widespread awareness externally of the programme purpose and results.
  • Contribute to timely and accurate reporting on progress as part of quarterly and annual reports, and contribute also to regular ACCELERE! meetings and events as required.

The Lead Adviser will prioritise his/her own work and that of his/her technical teams, and s/he will highlight actual or potential issues to the National Team Leader in areas of oversight. Work closely with the Senior Management Team, other Lead Advisers and the programme team, to ensure effective work plan delivery.

As the role develops and new demands arise, the Lead Adviser should maintain communication flows with the Team Leader and Senior Management Team. This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.

  • Post graduate degree in international development studies, social sciences, economics, public administration or other relevant field or equivalent combination of education and experience required.
  • Minimum of ten years of professional experience providing technical advice and implementing large scale governance and / or education projects in developing countries.
  • Technical knowledge and specific expertise with track record in institutional reform initiatives and capacity development approaches.
  • Strong ability to analyse, formulate strategies and concepts and apply technical expertise.
  • Strong leadership skills, as well as identifying, encouraging and mentoring potential drivers of change.
  • Ability to foster and build networks, and maintain diplomatic relations with different stakeholders.
  • Evidenced experience of managing a team of 3 or more people.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and good ability for relating and networking.
  • Experience in project management, including recruitment and oversight of the work of consultants.
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook).
  • Strong ability to communicate and write well in both English and French is essential.
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage stress whatever the situation.
  • Good problemsolving skills, a proactive approach, flexibility, initiative and creativity.
  • Previous work experience in DRC or francophone Sub-Saharan Africa highly desirable.
  • Previous work experience in a post-conflict and fragile states environment is an asset.
  • Strong understanding and experience of working to DFID’s vision and goals in development.

How to apply:

Please send your CV to with the reference F1888

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