Feb 022017

Organization: UNOPS
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Closing date: 08 Feb 2017

Background information – Job specific

The Democratic Republic of Congo Operational Hub (CDOH) was established in 2013 and currently has active projects in both the eastern and western parts of the country. The office initially focused on the rehabilitation and construction of physical infrastructure such as roads and public buildings. However more recently, projects associated with capacity building have become a central part of the portfolio. A major strength of CDOH is considering sustainability in projects by focusing on the use of renewable energies in project design and building capacity on proper maintenance approaches for an increased longevity of infrastructure.

UNOPS CDOH in Central Africa covers the DRC, CAR and RC. UNOPS CDOH based in Kinshasa, DRC has been identified as an agency in the United Nations system which can support the area of infrastructure, and humanitarian and post conflict management both horizontally and vertically. The office has developed a strong working relationship with international partners, UN agencies including UN Missions and Governments of Central Africa over the years. It provides technical support and capacity building in strategic development areas including infrastructure rehabilitation and development across health, education, public works, governance/public administration sectors; procurement, project management and sectorial advisory services; peace and security, environmental preservation and protection among others.

The distinctive activity of UNOPS CDOH in Central Africa aims at assisting government, donor and UN entities in their efforts to ensure timely and efficient implementation of their humanitarian, security/conflict resolution and development investment projects related to the reconstruction and development of the countries within the Hub.

Concerning this project, UNOPS has been requested to provide operational assistance to MONUSCO that requires various Technical Support Services, which include HR administration of payroll and recruitment. Therefore, UNOPS is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Project Support Officer to assist a Project Manager and a Project Team located in Goma and liaisons offices across the country.

Functional responsibilities

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the project manager, the Project Support Officer is to support the Project Manager in the day-to-day operations of the project. He/she is expected to meet and exceed the organization’s performance and delivery goals, in the area of infrastructure management.

2. Purpose and Scope of Assignment

Summary of functions:

  1. Project Implementation
  2. Financial and procurement management
  3. Project Monitoring and Reporting
  4. Coordination and liaison
  5. Knowledge management and innovation
  6. Operational and logistical support

2.1.Project implementation**

  • Support the Project Manager in ensuring UNOPS Policies and Procedures, Financial Rules and Regulations (FR&R) are adhered to for efficient project implementation and progress;
  • Monitor project financials and advise the Project Manager accordingly;
  • Track expenditure and take relevant action when required to revise budgets (realignment and amendment);
  • Monitor and record best practices and innovative approaches within UNOPS FR&R; identify and show alternative options according to Activity needs;
  • Managing information flows and overseeing change controls, risk registers and issue management; document and feedback lessons learned and best practices;
  • Supporting the project planning process;
  • Maintenance of all supporting project financial documents for audit and review processes;
  • Management of work packages within the project as and when required;
  • Assist the Project manager in monitoring of the project quality indicators and undertaking monthly assurance tasks on behalf of the Project Manager
  • Supervise Project Assistant(s) within the Team, to ensure work efficiency and quality at all times.

2.2.Financial and procurement management**

  • Maintain all supporting project financial documents for audit and review processes.
  • Ensure accurate data entry into UNOPS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • Monitor project budget and financial expenditure and all administrative procedures in line with the work-plan.
  • Process direct payments and advance requests and prepare project budget revisions.
  • Produce financial reports; including developing financial monitoring and reporting formats as per UNOPS requirements.
  • Support the Project Manager by monitoring budgets, cash flow and reporting on expense obligations to ensure that deliverables are met.
  • Alert the Project Manager or any financial shortfalls and over-expenditures.
  • Propose budget revision and initiate corrective action when necessary.
  • Coordinate vendor communications, meetings, and reports as necessary

2.3.Project monitoring and reporting**

  • Provide substantive inputs to assist the Project Manager in the preparation of project reports and documents.
  • Maintain records of project files and other supporting documents.
  • Maintain the following records: Quality Register, Configuration Item Records and all other registers/logs delegated by the Project Manager
  • Support the Project Manager in maintaining the following:
  • i. Electronic Blue File,
  • ii. Procurement, HR and Finance files as required by Organizational Directive (OD) 12.
  • Manage the compilation, consolidation and analysis of relevant data of the mission.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the preparation of project completion reports and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

2.4.Coordination and Liaison**

  • Contract management of all contracts (Procurement, HR, Service Contracts etc) under the Project
  • Proactively coordinate/liaise with support units on all administrative matters related to contract management
  • Liaise with the Programme Management Office (PMO) Team Members to complete project assurance related tasks.

2.5.Knowledge management and innovation**

  • Support the compilation of lessons learned as per defined reporting format.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for planning and knowledge building.
  • Contribute to expertise in tools and techniques**2.6.**Operational and Logistic Support**

2.6.Operational and Logistic Support**

  • In consultation with the relevant stakeholders, assist in preparing amendments of Agreements and Budget revisions when applicable;
  • Review input of financial information, expenditures etc in OneUNOPS
  • Ensure conformity of project disbursement requests with procedures, work plans, and availability of resources for expenditure;
  • Support development and maintenance of OneUNOPS based management information systems to ensure real time tracking and asset management under the project activities;
  • Liaise with the Finance Unit to process and monitor all payment requests within the Project
  • Assist the Project Manager in monitoring all HR requirements and related activities under the Project
  • Support the Project Manager in the preparation of Terms of Reference (ToR) for required inputs in the projects (staff, individual and institutional consultancy services, procurement of goods and services, organization of training, seminars, etc.), with expert and/or client support as required;
  • Providing induction briefings to newly recruited staff and render support to consultants in the course of their assignment;
  • Supervise and review submissions for Contracts, Purchase orders, Waivers and related documents prior to final approval;
  • In accordance with UN and UNOPS Security Policies, manage travel for all personnel in the Project Team
  • Organize all project and stakeholder meetings as and when necessary, and maintain records of these meetings.
  • Maintain records of project files and Activity reports in hard and soft copy.
  • Prepare budget forecast and periodic financial reports as requested.
  • Review weekly Activity reports and quarterly financial reports with respect to outputs based on work plans and budget forecasts
  • Liaise with finance and logistics/procurement units in tracking commitments and disbursements.
  • Identify operational, administrative, financial and other bottlenecks that may impede project delivery; recommend solutions and take appropriate remedial action
  • On behalf of the Project and as directed by the Project Manager, participate in periodic visits to the project sites within DRC to review compliance with recognized procedures.
  • Establish and monitor an internal control system for all administrative actions
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Project Manager


Core competencies:

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism.

Functional competencies:

  • Ability to work under extreme pressure, on occasion in a highly stressful environment (e.g. civil strife, natural hazards and humanitarian crisis).
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations with people in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to manage, organize, plan and implement work assignments
  • Cope effectively with competing demands and work under pressure of frequent and non-negotiable deadlines.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills and ability to handle a range of management and coordination issues.


A Master degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economic, Emergency Management or related field is required.

A Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economic, Emergency Management or related field is required with 2 additional years of relevant experience can be considered in lieu of a Master degree.


A minimum of 2 years of relevant professional experience, specifically in the field of Project Support or Operations Management with focus on budget, HR, recruitment, and payroll.

Experience in humanitarian emergency operating contexts, including humanitarian coordination mechanisms, donors, security is an asset.Experience and demonstrated knowledge of UN rules and procedures in Procurement, Finance, HR Management and administrative rules and regulations will be an advantage.


  • Knowledge in English is required
  • Knowledge in French is required

How to apply:

Qualified candidates may submit their application to:

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